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ARRC2011 wrap up: Friday

11 April 2011

We all started early on Friday, because we knew there was still a lot to organise.

First of course was a lovely buffet breakfast in Seaspray Restaurant. Yum. I really miss those buffet breakfasts!

Then to work. The first thing we had to do was grab trolleys and move all the boxes from storage to the secretariat room and the room for the Silent Auction. First big job of the day was getting the goodie bags ready. This mean unpacking numerous boxes that contained gift books, flyers, bookmarks, pens and other assorted items from our sponsors, all of which had to be put into each bag.


We set up a little production line and soon had those bags flying off the line.


A couple of hours later, voila, they were done:

Here’s a look at what each bag contained. Yes, there really were SIX free books in every bag:

(We have a few bags left over – if you missed the convention make sure you make it along to a local reader lunch soon for a chance to win one of the leftover bags.)

One job done. Next was to set out all the bundled prize packs and count them to see how many more we would need to make.


Final count was 101, so we still had some more to make. Some of the ladies set to work doing that. During the afternoon authors called in to drop off more books for the prize packs, so we really were spoilt.

Meanwhile, Heather and a select group of helpers headed over to the Promenade Room after lunch to start the set up of the Silent Auction. At 195 items (and still counting!) there was a lot to be done. Heather had bid sheets for all the items printed out and they started setting them out on the tables. It soon became apparent that the 22 tables in the room were not going to be quite enough. After conferring with the venue staff they managed to find another three tables and quickly adjust the room layout to accommodate them. Once all the bid sheets were out the really fun part started – unpacking the boxes and boxes of items and working out what everything was and where it should go. It took a while – a really really long while – to get it all organised, but the result looked fantastic. You can read all about the Silent Auction itself here.

Still left to do? A briefing with all the volunteers – and we had more than 20 this time, so we were all set on that front. Then set up the registration desk, get the banners up (one by the restaurant door and the other by the registration desk), get all the name tags and lanyards ready. I hope you’re not exhausted ladies, because it is time to change and get ready for the cocktail party!

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