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ARRC2011: Awards Dinner wrap up

7 April 2011

The third annual Australian Romance Readers Awards were held in the ballroom of the Swiss Grand from 7.30 pm on Saturday, 26 March 2011, during the convention.

The venue looked amazing, especially with the little tealights in wine glasses under frosted lampshades.

The menu consisted of:

Mezze platter

Marinated Riverina lamb rump on a creamy thyme polenta with sauteed green beans and an olive glace
OR Pan-fried free-range chicken breast on roasted oregano and feta-crushed potatoes with a muscat jus

Marbled chocolate tower with a coffee anglaise and mixed berry compote (this was to die for!)
OR Pear and caramel charlotte with Frangelico ice cream

The voting favoured local talent, with all but the three (that’s right, count ’em, three) awards Nalini Singh took out being won by Australian authors. Anna Campbell won both Favourite Historical Romance (for My Reckless Surrender) and Favourite Australian Romance Author of 2010.

Congratulations to all our award winning authors and thank you for your books and charmingly flustered acceptance speeches. The complete list of winners can be found here.

A few lucky readers were randomly drawn to present some of the awards, and as one of the evening’s presenters, I can tell you from personal experience that it was incredibly thrilling to get to open the envelope and announce the winner.

The authors were not the only ones who walked away with prizes.

Between awards presentations, we had to listen out for romantic songs from the movies, with full points awarded for the title, artist and the movie the song was from in the order they were played. Just to be tricky, the ladies included other songs in between the winning songs just to keep us on our toes. It was a lot of fun, especially when some of us throughout the ballroom* may have belted out I Will Always Love You with Whitney Houston.

Paula Roe’s table won the music trivia competition with a clean sweep of the board. Congratulations to Table 8.




Since the 2009 Australian Romance Readers Awards, some readers and authors challenged each other on Twitter to a bling-off and the glitz, glamour and sparkle has just grown with every awards ceremony. What started out as an unofficial game open to anyone attending was acknowledged during the evening and Kat Mayo and Kate Cuthbert were called to the stage to judge the entrants.  The winner by a landslide was Christine Darcas, who wore her white ballroom dancing gown, covered from top to toe in sequins. It would be an understatement to say she raised the bar and I’m looking forward to seeing how well we meet her challenge next time.


Congratulations to Kat Mayo, who won the Readers Challenge and Barbara Evans, the Member of the Year.

A huge thank you to our sponsors who supported this event for their generosity and I’d also like to thank Pamela Diaz and Debbie Phillips for their efforts behind the scenes and Sarah Calder for MC-ing the evening. It was a fun night and everyone had a great time.

*Names have been withheld to protect the guilty.

Allison Rogers

  1. 13 April 2011 12:51 pm

    Congratulations on your awards Anna. Well deserved!!!


  2. Barbara permalink
    7 April 2011 9:23 pm

    Well done Alison …. good blog… of course Anna you were very calm and sedate with your thankyou speech

  3. 7 April 2011 8:43 pm

    Thanks for a fabulous wrap up of a wonderful evening. It was so exciting to be part of it and I’m so very grateful to all of you who voted for Border Watch 🙂 It made the night even more special!

  4. 7 April 2011 10:22 am

    That is a FABULOUS photo of Christine. Great round-up, Allison.

  5. Mary G permalink
    7 April 2011 10:17 am

    Jess Dee, I see you. Congrats to you and the other winners.

  6. 7 April 2011 10:12 am

    Allison, what fun we all had! I was sitting next to Nalini – it was wonderful seeing her win so many awards. Congratulations to all the other winners. And a HUGE thank you for everyone who voted for me. I suspect I was flustered (even if not charming!) when I did my speech. The awards were completely unexpected! I hope my delight and gratitude came through. Already looking forward to the next convention! Thank you to the committee – we had a fantastic weekend!

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