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Pop Quiz Round #12

8 March 2011

Here are the questions for round 12 of the Pop Quiz:

  1. Other than the US and UK, name two other countries that have published books by Nalini Singh
  2. In AB Gayle’s “Caught” what does Daniel pretend to be to save Taylor?
  3. When was the third book in the Kira Chronicles by Karen Simpson Nikakis released?
  4. Rhian Cahill has recently moved back to Australia after three years in what country?
  5. Who has recently acquired Shannon Curtis’s “Viper’s Kiss”?
  6. Where was Nicole Murphy born?
  7. What is the title of the second book in Trish Morey’s Arranged Brides duo?

Once you have the answers, email them to Each correct answer scores 1 point, and points will accumulate each week. The winner will be announced at ARRC2011.

If you are taking part in the Member of the Year competition your points will count towards your MOTY tally, and you can also score 2 bonus points if you submit your answers within 24 hours of this quiz being posted.


Here are the answers from last week’s round:

  1. In Bronwyn Parry’s Dark Country what is Kris Matthews’ job?— police sargeant
  2. What is the name of the prequel to Erica Hayes’s Shadowfae Chronicles?— Hellcursed
  3. In Amy Andrews’ Mission: Mountain Rescue what is the name of the island Holly and Richard are on when they are kidnapped?— Tanrami
  4. Karlene Blakemore-Mowle’s upcoming release Shimmer has been renamed to what?— North Star
  5. In Melanie Milburne’s Scandal: Unclaimed Love-Child what type of dancer is Bronte?— ballerina
  6. Cindy Gerard has a dog called Margaret – what breed is she?— Brittany Spaniel
  7. In Jess Dee’s Photo Opportunity and Ask Adam we meet the Tanner siblings – what are their names?— Daniel and Lexi

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