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ARRC2011: Silent Auction update #4

26 February 2011

For ARRC2011 delegates,  an update on the Silent Auction. We have received more items and this time from Sherrilyn Kenyon and Christine Feehan. Cathy Maxwell’s book and wine topper has also arrived.  I know there are also items to arrive from Patricia Rice, Rebecca York, Mary Jo Putney, Catherine Asaro, Leanne Banks and Diane Gaston.  There are still more authors who have promised items and these will be slowly revealed over the coming weeks. To see the items click on the link
The Silent Auction is for participants at ARRC2011 or for those who are attending the book-signing on the Saturday. As we won’t be taking on-line bids, you would need to be a delegate of the convention or book-signing to bid. It is still not too late to register for the Convention. 

If you’d like to find out more about the convention, all the details are in our registration brochure, which can be downloaded here:
The registration form is available here:
Registration forms, and any inquiries, should be sent to

Silent Auction coordinator, ARRC2011

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