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Pop Quiz Round #9

15 February 2011

Here are the questions for round 9 of the Pop Quiz:

  1. What is the title of Paula Roe’s upcoming March 2011 release?
  2. In Rhian Cahill’s Singapore Fling who does Carly spend the weekend with?
  3. In what year did Michelle Douglas elope?
  4. What is the title of Berengaria Brown’s first erotic FF story?
  5. How many sons does Fiona McArthur have?
  6. Where did Tracey O’Hara grow up?
  7. According to Heather Boyd, Regency can never be too what?

Once you have the answers, email them to Each correct answer scores 1 point, and points will accumulate each week. The winner will be announced at ARRC2011.

If you are taking part in the Member of the Year competition your points will count towards your MOTY tally, and you can also score 2 bonus points if you submit your answers within 24 hours of this quiz being posted.


Here are the answers from last week’s round:

  1. What animal is featured on the cover of the German edition of Bronwyn Parry’s As Darkness Falls? — a (dead) bird
  2. Where was Kandy Shepherd born? — Sri Lanka
  3. In Maggie Nash’s The Relic what is the name of Magda’s ex-lover and rival? — Vincent Stone
  4. What is the working title of the third book in Denise Rossetti’s Four-Sided Pentacle series? — Lone Warrior
  5. In Nicole Murphy’s Secret Ones what is the hero’s name? — Lucas Valeroso
  6. In Cathleen Ross’s Man Hunt what is the name of Angie’s rival? — Isabella
  7. What is the name of the monster in Jennifer Brassel’s Staff of Fire? — Balor

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