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ARRC2011: Reader Challenge

1 January 2011

In the lead up to the Australian Romance Readers Convention 2011 we thought you would all like a chance to win some goodies.

Each delegate is encouraged to read book(s) by each author coming to the convention. What could be easier than that? The authors are listed in this article.

As other authors sign up to attend we will add them to the list. A brief bio of each author, including a link to their website, is provided on the Authors link on the ARRC2011 page on our website.

After you have read a book, write a review and then email it to Heather at Heather will post eligible reviews in the ARRC Lounge and on the ARRA Members loop. (Voting will be blind, so please do not post your reviews directly to either of the loops, as this will mean it is ineligible for voting.)

There will be 5 preliminary rounds, with a 6th round to decide the overall winning review.

At the end of each round, voting will commence with all ARRA members and members of the ARRC Lounge eligible to vote. A voting link will be posted to both loops.

Round 1 will open on 7 January and all reviews must be received by 17 January, with voting to close on 20 January. Round 2 will then commence on 21 January.

Voting will stay open for one week, after which time the winner will be announced. The winning review will move on to the final round, which will take place the week leading up to the convention. Voting in the final round will determine the overall winner of the Readers Challenge, who will be announced at the Saturday night awards dinner.

Competition rules:

  • You must be either an ARRA member or registered for ARRC2011 to take part in the competition.
  • Members of the EC and OC are not eligible to enter the competition.
  • You will need to sign up to enter the competition. For everyone who wishes to enter, please send an email to with the subject: ‘Reader Challenge – sign me up’.
  • Books are to be read after you have completed your registration for the convention. You cannot review an already read book unless you re-read it after you have registered for the convention.
  • Reviews cannot be copies of reviews that have been previously published  , they must be new and the books must be read from the time the competition starts.
  • You can review as many books as you like, provided they are all by attending authors.
  • Review cannot contain spoilers.*
  • Readers are challenged to find something positive about each book they review. Constructive critiques are allowed but negative reviews will not be eligible.*
  • Each review should be between 150 and 400 words .

*If anyone is unsure whether their review is too negative  or contains spoilers, please feel free to send it as a draft to Heather, who will make suggestions, if needed, before posting. Before posting ARRA reserves the right to ask that a review is modified to remove any comments that constitute book bashing or contain plot spoilers.

For those who are new to reviewing, Heather has prepared a ‘How to review’ guide that is available from the members-only area of the ARRA website, and also from the Files section of both the ARRA Members loop and the ARRC Lounge.

The winner will be based on the best review as voted by ARRA members and ARRC2011 delegates. The top three reviews will be posted as a blog announcement. The  winners from each round will also be posted to the blog the week before the convention so that readers can look through them to choose their favourites before the final vote.

We would also welcome involvement from our attending authors. If you would like to pick a favourite review out of all those submitted for your books just let us know and we will publicise it as part of the challenge. Of course, you are welcome to submit reviews of books by any of the attending authors as well, should your writing schedule permit.

MOTY points: Note that each review submitted will score 3 points in the MOTY competition. There will be 5 bonus points available for the first person to submit a review of a book from every attending author, for those who really like a challenge. And everyone who votes for a review can score 1 point per vote.

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