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Guest blogger: H.C. Brown

11 July 2010

The beings that live in my head

by H.C. Brown

As far back as I can remember my imagination has created an alternative universe for me to live in. A magical place to escape the hassles of everyday life or, perhaps, to replace the friend who never existed. Do you remember as a child drifting into such a place, the second before falling asleep?

Too soon, we grow up and in that maturity deny the comforting fantasy world—unless, of course, you are an author. It may not happen at once but soon the author finds himself drifting into the ‘other place’ and the desire to write becomes an obsession.

For me, my dreams create the seeds, which blossom into worlds sometimes so rich they defy explanation. It took me some time to create the ambience in words, to bring my world into print. I want to share my vision on every page, from the light brush of wind across the grass, to the scent of lavender.

My characters are living beings to me, their conversations and battles rage in my head before flowing onto the page. I see my alpha male heroes in frightening clarity. Unlike living people, I know everything about them, from their sexual orientation to their distinctive scent.

The moment I created Nox, King of the Faerie, in Purr-fect Seduction, I knew he would dominate the Pride Brother’s series. His cameo appearances led to my new series, The Chronicles of Fae, a Pride Brothers spin-off.

Not ten paces away in the clearing stood Nox. Tallin drew a deep breath, his gaze fixed on the brilliant emerald eyes of his first love. Nox stood like a golden sculpture, holding his gaze in a sensual vice. Nox lifted his wings and the silver tips of the black gossamer caught the sunlight. A halo of rainbows reflected across his bare chest. Tallin fell to one knee and bowed his head, but the command to rise drifted into his consciousness. He lifted his head. Nox stood closer now, his long, raven hair moving as if it were alive, undulating around his chiseled body.

In my opinion, lead characters should never be perfect—perfect is boring. My alpha males are strong in body but each have an Achilles heel, to make them a little vulnerable. I like my heroine to be as normal as possible—the girl next door. I want her to be strong willed and able to stand up for herself. In My Purr-fect Alphas, I needed a headstrong Aussie girl. I created Dr Elizabeth Clark, to create havoc for my two alpha males.

My villains are never human. I think it’s easier to hate a demonic character, especially if they smell like rotting meat.   The Rams feature in the Pride Brother’s series:

They all had pointed ears. Pointed ears and large curled horns! Their hands were rough and claw-like. Jill covered her nose in revulsion, her nostrils burning with the incredible stink as they passed close by.

The most important element in my stories is romance. The deep bond I see developing between two characters. To depict that instant connection or the slow recognition of desire can make or break a plot. In My Purr-fect Alphas, the tension between Beth and Zandor exploded in their first kiss. The slow, steady anticipation of that initial embrace would have been wasted, if the sensory enjoyment were ignored.

He inclined his head to kiss her and she melted against him, Beth lifted her chin to meet his mouth as it slid across her lips, so soft, so delicious. She drew in his scent, hungry for more, and pressed against his strength. When he moaned, her body dissolved, wrapped within a strange, wonderful cocoon. She opened her mouth to breathe in more of his essence and his tongue slid inside. Giving in to the desire, she sucked on the probing, spicy tongue, which caressed her mouth in long gentle strokes.

I believe whether gay or straight, shape-shifter or faerie, love is love.

I hope my fantasy love stories, with all their diverse characters, will continue to warm the hearts of my readers. I look forward to creating the next adventure with the beings in my head, especially for you.

Thank you for having me today
H.C. Brown
‘Delicious- The Chronicles of Fae’ -H. C. Brown- Noble Romance Publishing- 5 July 2010
‘Bite Here Anthology’ – H.C.Brown & Stormy Glenn- Noble Romance Publishing- 5 July 2010
‘Burn’ -H.C. Brown- Noble Romance Publishing- August 2010

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  1. Helen Sibbritt permalink
    12 July 2010 8:44 pm

    Oh this looks good
    Congrats on the release

    Have Fun

  2. 12 July 2010 9:50 am

    I love that your heroes have an Achilles heel, becaseu I adore imperfect heroes. Makes them seem more real.

  3. 12 July 2010 7:05 am

    How exciting a series dedicated to Fae – can’t wait 🙂 Congrats, Heather.

  4. Jeanette Juan permalink
    12 July 2010 6:25 am

    Congratulations on your release! I enjoyed reading the post and I think what you said about love is true, it is the same no matter a person’s sexual orientation or the type of creature they are.

  5. 12 July 2010 12:50 am

    Thank you for your comments. I love to get feedback from my readers. 🙂

  6. 11 July 2010 7:12 pm

    Hi Heather
    Congratulations on your latest works
    You have come so far in such a short time and I so look forward to catching up with more of your books

  7. 11 July 2010 6:24 pm

    Hi HC,
    Nice blog, and a very interesting snippet. Sounds like a compelling read, yet it has the HEA ending I always look for.



  8. Barbara permalink
    11 July 2010 4:44 pm

    Hi H C

    Congratulations on the book.

    It sounds very interesting and I think we need to read something that takes you away from the real world and has a HEA..That is why I read…… will have to look out for this book

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