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Julie James wonders what is “chemistry”?

20 February 2009

Hi everyone!  I’m so happy to be a part of the first ARRC, and I wish I could be there… (sigh).  I’m certain all of you are going to have a wonderful time!  What could be more fun than talking about books and romance?

Speaking of romance…  as a former-lawyer-turned-screenwriter-turned-author (wow– that’s a mouthful), I’m a huge fan of romantic comedies.  That’s what drove me to write two rom/com screenplays–because I love them that much.  And when a romantic comedy works, or any romantic story for that matter, there’s nothing better.  And usually, when judging whether a story works for me, it often comes down to one question:  was there chemistry between the female and male leads?  Which leads me to wonder:
What is “chemistry”?
For me, there has to be that initial spark.  And I’ll admit it, I love it when, for whatever reason, the heroine and hero resist that spark.  I’m also a sucker for banter.  Why do I love a back and forth interplay between the heroine and hero?  Because to me, it signifies that they “get” each other– that they see each other as equals.  More important than what is being said, often, is what’s being said between the lines.  Plus, let’s be honest: banter is foreplay.  And the more heated the banter, the hotter I think the couple is going to be in bed.
So that’s my two cents.  But what about yours?  I’d love to hear what you, the readers, think “chemistry” is. And enjoy the convention! ~ Julie James

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