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A rose by any other name …

16 January 2008

Love Shakespeare or loathe him, list him as one of the most (mis)quoted authors this side of the bible or not, but regardless of what we may think of him — he was right. A rose, is a rose, is a rose, is a rose, regardless of its name.

Take for instance our expression of interest form. What does the term expression of interest mean to you? Would you think differently if it was simply referred to as a convention planning questionnaire? Because, in reality, that is all the expression of interest form really is.

The EOI, as it’s been called, is simply a questionnaire for us to gauge the amount of interest from all sectors, reader or author, and especially what preferences everyone would like to have at a romance convention aimed at readers here in Australia.

If you fill in a form, it isn’t locking you in to attending the convention, although we really hope you do! It isn’t a sign-up or registration form. The information, suggestions and general feedback you give us via the form, however, will help us in our planning and in determining genuine interest and therefore potential numbers attending! You will be added to the mailing list only so that you may receive updates, mainly regarding what articles have been added to this blog, but that is all and you will be the first to know when registration forms go out.

In time, with other people onboard, especially authors and maybe a journalist — or two, we will have more contributors to the blog and will share more specific news about ARRC09 as well as general stories about romance. That’s romance books and not the hearts, chocolates and Valentine’s Day dinner date kind of romance

Does anyone still do something special on Valentine’s? A rose is a rose but romance is about stories in books, not about real life. Right? Oh, yes, okay, that is way OT for this post (and deserves a post all of its own I think!)



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