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Social networking

7 January 2008

One of the big benefits of the Web 2.0 technologies is their ability to assist with social networking.

What do Web 2.0 technology and social networking have to do with a romance readers convention? Everything! There is no better way to spread news than sharing it with family and friends, especially those friends with the same common interests. Reading romance books, for instance.

But where do you find people with common interests, especially for reading romance novels? In all of the Yahoo! Groups, Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and Shelfari groups we’re all members of! Not to mention all of the organisations, associations and real, face-to-face book groups we belong to.

Facebook, MySpace, Bebo

ARRC has now joined some of the largest social networking sites out there: Facebook, MySpace and Bebo.

Come and join the small but growing ARRC list of friends. Simply search for ARRC09 or Australian Romance Readers Convention on your networking site of choice. If we aren’t already there, we soon will be!

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  1. Stargazer Press permalink
    13 March 2008 9:05 pm

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